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I Will Remember You

I will remember you when I take a stand.
I will be patient and offer you my hand.
Cause we are family each with our dreams.
We can move mountains, open our eyes and clearly see.

Verse 1
You say that you know youíre right.
I disagree and put up a fight.
Where can we go from here my friend?
How do we find Truth?
How do we break thru?

Verse 2
In the center is common ground.
Iím not there yet so stick around.
Letís just pause and talk awhile.
Tell me something new.
Iíll tell you something new.

Verse 3
Now I see you in a different light.
I donít agree with you but thatís all right.
Maybe we can work this out.
Bringing something new to the shore of the clearest deepest blue.


It's not what you say ... it's how you say it